Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heather and Justin Camping With Us

Yes...we had a fun week with Heather and Justin camping in our trailer up to Prescott. When we arrived it was you can tell Heather and Justin were sad! But it cleared and the rest of the week was nice. If you look at the top of the one picture you can see Heather and Justin at the top of the mountain waving. Scary! We hiked, paddle boated (Heather and Justin had to tow our boat back because it broke), ate smores and just had fun!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Emily and I had fun yesterday. We went to see Kit Kittridge the American Girl Movie. It was a great movie and we both say....go see it!! Emily is a sweetie and Grandpa John and I really enjoyed having her over. She is one beautiful and fun grandaughter! This coming week we will have Justin and Heather! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Send Joshua Mail in Samoa

Joshua has just completed the Lord's Boot Camp in Florida in preparation for his mission trip to Samoa. It was intense and very demanding and difficult at times but Joshua finished the camp and has been commissioned to go. He was at the Los Angeles airport yesterday and was able to talk to his Mom and Dad for a little bit before his flight to Samoa. He asks for our prayers and lots of mail to be sent to him His address is below. It requires a 94 cent postage stamp to send a letter to him in Samoa. He would love hearing from everyone. His mission is set but it is always wonderful to hear from your loved ones at home!!!! We are mighty proud of our Grandson Joshua!!!! His Light for the Lord is Shining Bright!!!!
His address must be printed just like it is below (There are five lines in it):

Teen Missions Team 08020
Joshua West
PO Box 435

Monday, July 7, 2008

SheriBabe, Nicholas, Jennifer and Heather

It was fun having Sheri Babe, Nicholas, Heather and Jennifer over. What fun and they have grown again this summer "Grin"......hey...they are all now taller than me!!! Sheri looks beautiful without her braces, Nicholas is a cutie and Heather and Jennifer.....well you call it...they are just too cute and funny for their own good. Love them all.