Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg - John and Ginger

We drove about 50 miles up to the town of Wickenburg for their Gold Rush Days. Kind of a tradition for this town every year. Look at John buying us each a sundae...yummy! We sat down and listened to a blue grass band while we ate them. It was as a fun day walking around the town, seeing all the vender tents, antique autos on display, lots of food, fun watching all the people. A sunshine R&R day for John and I. This whole week has been fun...we also went to the Renaissance Festival out in Apache Juntion...see John's blog for pictures of that fun day.

John among the antiques..which one is he????


Vickie said...

What nice pictures Ginger and looks like you did have a wonderful time. The guy you are sitting with reminds of Gold dust charlie on Wallace & Ladmo show. Glad you got home safe cause it was mighty slow for Travis driving through it in a semi truck. Love you!!!

Grandma of Many said...

That sounds like so much fun Ginger. I love Wickenburg. Remember our health resort we had there? Tami wondered if you liked the blue grass band better than them, ha? We are in Washington now and the boys are taking the academy today and tomorrow and than the Wintergrass festival starts tomorrow night through Sunday. We should have a lot of fun. Love you and miss you - Dottie

John said...

First of all, that is NOT me sitting with Ginger. He is much too handsome. And I am the one behind the mule, not the other way around. Also, I am older than the car. And they call it an Antique car. I guess I'm an Antique man. Wonder what I'm worth?

Bob And Lindsay said...

Ok - lokks like fun but let's break these pics down one by one:
pic 1 - if you zoom in, you can see coupons in John's pocket that read "Buy 1 sundae, get 1 free", otherwise you would have been sharing one.
pic 2 - That can't be John because he doesen't have a scar on his face.
pic 3 - I did some research on gold miners. If they weren't sucessful they operated by themself. If they were somewhat sucessful they pulled a mule behind them. If they were really sucessful, they pulled a mule and a jackass. This was a really sucessful gold miner. (Lindsay made me change jackass to donkey - I just hope it takes)
pic 4 - Ginger waiting on the tracks - John told her the light rail would be coming soon.
pic 5 - John standing between a Model A and a 55 chevy - that's his version of antiquing - much cheaper.
- Dead Bob

spiderferret said...

Hi Ginger!!! I love your blog. You look great as always! Hope you can come back to DC and visit sometime. Aaron and I had a great time when you guys were in DC. I still remember John choking on passion fruit juice at the Peruvian restaurant! Hahaha ..I'm sorry John!!! no more passion fruit for you anymore...I promise!!!
Hugs and Kisses

Ginger said...

Oh always witty, funny and a bit mischievous...wait til John reads this. "Grin" I'm laughing outloud as I type. LOL

And are so sweet. John and I had such a wonderful time visiting you two. And yes..we do want to come back again. Love you and keep posting.


Mercy Kruse said...

Nice shiny, red car.