Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Pictures - Fun Times

These are just a few of the 107 pictures I took at our Super Bowl party and doesn't show all 28 that attended. It was lots of fun...but the Cardinals didn't win....bummer. Since I am a Steelers fan of 40 years...I guess it was a Win..Win for me "Grin". Ate lots, cheered and yelled a lot and just had a fun time. Go Cardinals next season!!!!


Bob And Lindsay said...

Thanks Ginger and John for a fun party. The only thing better would have been a Cardinal's win. Oh well, there's always next year. Thanks again for opening up your home to so many yelling, screaming, rowdy fans.
Love, Bob & Lindsay

John said...

It was a fun party, except no one could see the game on the TV as we were constantly blinded by the flash going off! LOL

Destiny said...

Aww... it looks like y'all had so much fun! To bad we could have all been together... because, as much fun as we had, and as much fun as you all had, it would really have been FUN together! :D Oh well, we'll just have to get together next year... and hopefully the Cardinal's will win!!!! :D

Love you Aunt Ginger, and thanks for posting the pictures!


Vickie said...

Such cool pictures of you all at Johns and your house. Good to see John and his Dad Bob in your pics. Sounds like you all did have a fun and loud party like it was here. Don't know if we were all together if the home would be still standing lol lol. Love you!!!